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Senior Consultant for international tendering and procurement procedures, for Design and Engineering, for program control and management with more than 35 years of senior managerial responsibilities in the field of Project and Contract Management for the electrical part with proven experience in administration, program planning, understanding of the international conditions, monitoring and reporting as well as in the implementation of large-scale environmental policy projects and programs in an international context, Scheduling and Supervision of water and sewerage systems, wastewater treatment and other wastewater projects, mostly in Central, Eastern and Western Europe.
Strong knowledge of the EU Practical Guide contract procedures, FIDIC conditions of contract (Yellow and Red Book, Plant and Design Build) and procurement or contract regulations for EU, PHARE and ISPA.
Long-time researches in the field of the electrical part and specially of SCADA systems of Process engineering (Portable Water, Waste Water and Distribution Systems).
Experience in the field of the electrical part and SCADA of waste water treatment plants, water works and distribution systems, with a strong emphasis on policy, legislation and implementation with detailed awareness and understanding of the EU environmental acquis in Candidate Countries.
Experience as international electrical expert, design and preparation of tender documents and proposals, supervision, team management and costumer relations.
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